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The XS is a gravity assisted mechanical claw. When it touches down gravity pushes the jaws open. Lifting it closes the jaws around your prize. The design is based off of the original Gravity Hook. This one is just eXtra Small. So whether you dropped a sock behind the dryer or you need a little entertainment at the DMV, you'll have the answer in your pocket. 


Material: Stainless Steel

Approximate Dimensions: 2"x2"x3"


WARNING: Gravity XS has not been tested or certified to bare human weight.

Never use it where failure or dislodging might cause bodily harm or property damage.

Failure to follow these warnings can result in severe injury, death, or property damage.

Not intended for climbing or load bearing applications where failure would cause damage or injury.


  • 5
    Work of Art

    Posted by Paul Fort on Apr 16th 2022

    I ordered the XS, 2.0, and 3.0 at the same time. I wanted to evaluate the functionality of each. Before I continue with that, I will comment on build, fit, and finish which I give a 10 out of 10 for all three attributes. There is no waste or oversized fasteners. The pins (XS) and bolts with lock nuts (2.0 and 3.0) are perfectly sized, small details but worth noting as it is a tribute to the design and finish of the machined parts. Functionality: The 3.0 was the one I was focused on but was concerned it was to large to be 100% versatile which it is. BUT it is intended for larger tasks and performs flawlessly. The 3.0 will not pick up a set of keys easily if at all but It will pick up a cordless Milwaukee M12!!! Im guessing it could be used to retrieve any tool in need of rescue. The 2.0 is is just as grabby as the XS. It could retrieve my keys, my lanyard of my wallet and larger items to big for the XS. The XS is just fun. I mean it is like a fidget spinner but with function. I imagine the day when someone drops their keys down a storm drain and I come to the rescue. I have a work bench which sits high and a drafting chair. Im always dropping pens and paper towels requiring me to lower the arm rests swivel and get down. Well not anymore. I sat there and retrieved everything I could think of dropping. Overall conclusion: All three are grabby meaning when you set them on something they just find a way to grab it. I wish had these 30 years ago when I was a carpenters apprentice and for all the other jobs that followed. But perhaps it's a good thing I didn't as I would have likely tried to use the grappling hook function beyond recommended usage. Im happy I ordered all three sizes as I feel I have the complete tool set. I see myself using the XS all the time just because its size lends itself to having with me all the time without have to take a walk. Next I see the 2.0 for similar tasks requiring the XS but perhaps more sloppy conditions or where the weight is needed to overcome wind or water currents. I see the 3.0 as being like a 2 pound hammer. Sometimes you just need it! If I didn't order it, I would always have that I should have feeling at some point I'm sure of it. Just before writing this, I ordered two more XS for my boys. They don't know it yet. In fact, I see the XS as being a perfect gift for for all your buddies. If you're unsure of which one to get, I suggest you get all three. But if you need to pick only one then get all three.

  • 5
    Fun and more useful than you'd think

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 31st 2022

    I also have the 2.0 and 3.0 hooks, which obviously offer more utility than the XS simply because of their size. The XS is entertaining, and a few minutes of practice was enough to start picking up things as small as a dime. It's also about the perfect size for grabbing cigarette lighters. You're not going to pick up a dropped heavy rucksack or even a phone, but the XS has enough power to pick up a full Yeti thermos (with a handle lid that's skinny enough to be grabbed). This thing is also pretty good at snagging cloth, so it could retrieve dropped clothing in a pinch too. I've read several reviews by people with mobility issues that go into more detail about all the tiny items they use it on. Indispensable piece of gear? No. Well worth $22? Absolutely.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 19th 2022

    It's awesome and loves it I wish the price was lower for shipping but that's ok

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    Back fusion

    Posted by Dave on Jul 4th 2021

    I just had a major spinal fusion t-10 to ilium. I bought this to have for a pocket grabber. Especially in stores if I drop something to try to get. Tie a length of paracord and your good to go. A real handy item to have in your pocket.

  • 5
    Fun little gadget

    Posted by Brosef on Mar 9th 2021

    Still practicing grabbing things with it, but my friends and I have been having fun with it. My boss even immediately found a use for it.

  • 2

    Posted by J on Sep 10th 2019

    I have one Gravity XS, two Gravity Hook 2.0 SS's and now this Gravity Hook 3.0 (larger one). The XS is so small, that even when taking the spring off of it, it barely has enough weight in and of itself to open the jaws (to pick something up). However, this is my boys' favorite hook of the ones that I have (perhaps because its easier for them to bring with them when they go outside to play). I can't really seem to pick anything up useful because most things I'd like to pick up have a larger girth than the mouth of the XS. The 2.0 is my favorite. The weight of the hook allows it to open when contacting most things it's being lowered onto so I can pick them up and the mouth closes pretty well around whatever I'm trying to pick up. I find this to be very useful when I'm up in a tree and I need another piece of climbing gear I left on the ground. I simply lower the 2.0 gravity hook, and pick up another carabiner, another descender, or a rope. I like how the hook operates on it's own weight (opens and shuts completely with minimal fuss). Conclusion: If I could do it all over, I'd just go with the 2.0 as it's the size I find I need the most. The XS seems more for fun/novelty than anything useful.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 13th 2019

    Great product vary functional and it has a great quality vary strong I do recommend a reel because without it it could get stuck on things and pull you and with the reel you have a little time to notice it's stuck on something

  • 5
    awesome to buy

    Posted by fabien on Jul 22nd 2019

    petit porte clef genial!! leger et peux encombrant ! !! fonctionne parfaitement. livraison rapide.. (une semaine pour la france.) une tres bonne idee!!!!!bravo

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Jimmy on Mar 6th 2018

    i'm from france and i've been delivered in a week (it's really fast compared to other package i have bought on other website) excellent product, resistant and cool cool version of the gravity hook :p