Unreasonable Shackles (SET OF 2)

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Unreasonable Shackles give you a major mechanical advantage without fraying your rope. Use them to set up a rain fly on your next camp out, double them up for your hammock, or tie down your next truck load. The Stainless Steel finish provides a smooth surface to slide over as you tension your load. They are easy to use, install, and remove.

1/4" PARAMAX SOLD SEPARATELY. If purchased, you may leave a note for your paramax color at checkout. 















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    haven't used the shackles but the quality looks great and the cord is super

    Posted by Aeran Doron on Dec 16th 2021

    the build quality and finish on the shackles is great, but i haven't used them yet. i added the red 1/4" paracord for $15 and it's definitely the best quality paracord i've owned.

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    Newest member of my EDC!

    Posted by Jeremy on Aug 18th 2021

    These are FANTASTIC! Found these from looking at a video on YouTube that was talking about using just four shackles. Well, when I priced out how much shackles cost at the local hardware store - and then found this website by accident - I realized this is not only less expensive, but a far better shape than I can buy locally. So, I came here and picked up a few other EDCs along the way. These are always in my pocket or in my car - they make the perfect companion for my many Home Depot/Lowes runs and make for a really fast and secure way to keep things on my vehicle on my way back home. They are useful around my woodshop too for keeping things taught, the uses cases are endless and I find more and more uses just cause they are small and in my pocket and handy. Can't wait to try them camping! Oh yeah, and they work well combined with the small stainless steel Pirana also available on this site. Laura sent me one of these as a bonus item in one of my purchases as an "I'm sorry" for not having one of my items in stock and I end up using the Pirana more than anything else now. Super great shop! Super great customer service!