1/2" Marlinspike

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Stainless steel Marlinspike. Used for working ropes and knots. 

Comes untied. Tie your own Turk's Head with the included 10' of paracord (Color of included paracord may vary). 


If "TIE THE TURK'S HEAD KNOT FOR ME" is selected, your marlinspike will ship with the Turk's head knot tied, with the ends secured with cyanoacrylate glue. This will prevent the Turk's head from coming undone under heavy use. You will still receive 10' of cord with your order. 


Approximate dimensions: 1/2" x 6/1/4" (13mm x 159mm)

Weight: 3.6 oz

If you add Paramax, leave your color choice in the comment on checkout. 





  • 5
    Super great feel, love to make the turk's head

    Posted by Ken Williams on Nov 22nd 2022

    I've been a knot enthusiast for years (coming to it through the non-conventional entry point of mathematical knot theory), but I've never had a proper marlinspike. This spike is exceptional quality, and has a notch at the palm end for tying your own turk's head knot into it. I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun using this for years.

  • 5
    solid product

    Posted by lance on Sep 19th 2022

    I have had it a week and already used it multiple times, they are handy.

  • 5
    Fast, courteous, exactly as advertised

    Posted by BJ on Sep 9th 2022

    I understand why he uses a marlin spike for everything. It's fun to work rope when you have one. This is a very clean and simple design that was machined very well. After tying the Turk's head knot on top, it presents a fine object to have on display and an attractive tool to use.

  • 5
    Just go ahead and order one.

    Posted by Steve on Aug 14th 2022

    The machining of this marlin spike is excellent. It’s a quality tool that you won’t regret purchasing.

  • 5
    Total Satisfaction

    Posted by Mike R on Aug 12th 2022

    Stainless Marlin Spike was received early. Product and packaging were in perfect condition. Instructions were clear and readily understood. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to family and friends

  • 5
    Nice design

    Posted by Matt on Aug 11th 2022

    well made and good size high quality

  • 5
    Beautiful Craftsmanship

    Posted by Quang Nguyen on Aug 3rd 2022

    It's well balanced in your hand. Symmetrical with precision. Beautiful piece, I love it. Received the package pretty quick.

  • 5
    Marlin Spike review

    Posted by Nicholas on Jun 23rd 2022

    I have been searching for the perfect marlin spike for my needs for years. I have found many, but none had the right shape, size, material or price point. This marlin spike is the best yet. The size is large enough to have a full grip when being used in a marlin spike hitch, but is not so large as to be cumbersome. The machining itself is good for the price point. If you are looking for it, you’ll find that the spike is not glass smooth. This is nothing that would cause problems, but it is not mirror polished. I used a buffing wheel and some rouge compound to make it even smoother. Of note is the machining of the tip. There are no burrs at all. Again, this is a well made spike, especially given the price point.