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Gravity Hook 3.0 is a larger version of Gravity Hook. It has a 3.5 inch jaw capacity and weighs approximately 2 pounds. When stored, its footprint fits within a 1/2 sheet of paper. So, you can store it in an mini tablet sleeve. Because of the compressed dimensions, the jaws are kept open with a double leaf spring. Comes with a spring loaded wedge pin. The design includes keyhole storage for the pin when not in use. Arrives assembled. This item has not been certified or tested to bare human weight. This item is water-jet cut.


  • "Bites" objects that might slip out of a grapnel
  • Installing the Cross Hook converts it to a pronged grappling hook
  • Custom locking pin
  • Trip-line balanced
  • Rolling Fall
  • Grip sized
  • Compacts to the footprint of a half-sheet of paper
  • Water Resistant Stainless steel
  • 1" Cross throat 
  • Water Resistant Stainless steel 


Material: Stainless Steel 

Approximate dimensions: L 6" X W 1&1/4" X H 8.5".

Approximate weight: 1 lbs, 15 oz.


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  • 5
    I wish I bought this sooner

    Posted by Tomas Perez on Feb 14th 2020

    First off I work close to the ocean, so having this tool made out of 304 stainless gives peace of mind in that it will last a very long time. Going up and down buildings and railcars is a real pain to do especially with a bucket full of tools or a 3 inch rubber hose. With this tool, that changes everything. From not having to wait on someone on the ground figure out how to tie a secure knot, to picking up a wide variety of tools you may have forgotten on the ground. This design is a game changer and makes the worksite safer. I would definitely recommend anyone that works at heights to buy this tool.

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    Metal fishing

    Posted by Kevin Kelley on Sep 21st 2019

    Recently I stated a new hobby know as metal or magnet fishing. In the process of finding metal objects which I can lift with my magnets I also noticed there were other objects that were none magnetic which I could not lift. These items are mainly trash in the form of bottles, cans and with a little practice golf balls, for which the Gravity Hook 3.0 is perfectly sized. In fact it works so well I’ve ordered the Dynamic Duo so I can have a full range of picking options for which the 3.0 is a little two large. You get what you pay for, very satisfied.

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    Great, for retrieving larger items

    Posted by J on Sep 10th 2019

    I have one Gravity XS, two Gravity Hook 2.0 SS's and now this Gravity Hook 3.0 (larger one). The XS is so small, that even when taking the spring off of it, it barely has enough weight in and of itself to open the jaws (to pick something up). However, this is my boys' favorite hook of the ones that I have (perhaps because its easier for them to bring with them when they go outside to play). The 2.0 is my favorite. The weight of the hook allows it to open when contacting most things it's being lowered onto so I can pick them up and the mouth closes pretty well around whatever I'm trying to pick up. I find this to be very useful when I'm up in a tree and I need another piece of climbing gear I left on the ground. I simply lower the 2.0 gravity hook, and pick up another carabiner, another descender, or a rope. I like how the hook operates on it's own weight (opens and shuts completely with minimal fuss). The 3.0 is definitely bigger and can grab onto things my 2.0 cannot because its wider mouth. However, it doesn't shut completely like the 2.0 or XS do because it comes with a double leaf spring to keep the mouth open about 1/2 inch wide. That's both good and bad: Good because without them, the weight of the hook and angle of the mouth doesn't allow it to open like the 2.0 does. So, with out the leaf springs keeping the mouth open a little bit, it's definitely harder to pick things up. It's bad to have the leaf spring in there though because it doesn't allow the hook to completely close. I could never pick up a carabiner, a rope, etc. with this hook because they'd simply slip through the 1/2 inch gap in the mouth from them staying open. I ended up putting the leaf springs back in because with them out, I can't pick up ANYthing (because they don't open easily). With them in, I can pick up the larger objects than with my 2.0 (i.e. long handled pruners/looping shears). I would only buy this if I knew I wanted to pick up large items; and ONLY large items. If I thought I was going to pick up medium to small items, I'd get the 2.0. I was hoping that with the 3.0, I could pick up anything the 2.0 could plus the larger items from the 3.0's larger mouth, so I wouldn't have to carry both on my harness/in my backpack. Most of the pictures here show the hook with the grappling piece attached, but it's very clearly marked and comes with several inserts saying "WARNING! CAUTION! DANGER! Never use any grappling hook where its failure or dislodging might cause bodily harm or property damage. Failure to follow these warnings can results in severe injury, death, or property damage." Clearly, this should NOT be used to hold your weight, for climbing purposes, or anywhere above you (i.e. if it becomes dislodged, or unintentionally hits something and bounces back--imagine having a large, somewhat sharp edged piece of metal flying back in your direction). So, I'm not sure why you'd EVER use a the grappling feature if you can't climb up to where the hook is thrown to retrieve it (i.e. tree, fence, etc.). For me, this is ONLY a retrieval device (i.e. lowered from above, grabs hold, is pulled back up); NOT a grappling hook (starts from below, lodged/thrown up high, pull yourself up). Conclusion: If I could do it all over, I'd just go with the 2.0 as it's the size I find I need the most, it's lighter/smaller to carry than the 3.0, and it's much cheaper than the 3.0.

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    Great Tool. Also a Fun Toy.

    Posted by Jim G... on Jul 15th 2018

    I haven't had My Gravity Hook for long. But at First Glance I could tell it was a Quality made Item. Mine came fully assembled. It was New and the Parts weren't broke in. I had to give it a Break In Period. I sont use mine for anything serious. I go around the House and Pick Things Up. Great Fun, Great Product......

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    Perfect tool for emergency use.

    Posted by Brandon on Apr 8th 2018

    I am a police officer who purchased this product for potential emergencies. I am not entirely sure what emergencies may arise. But better safe than sorry. It is extremely great quality and engineering. I know due to liability reasons they can't claim that it's strong enough for heavy duty use, however you can just tell it is definitely capable of various difficult jobs. I am extremely excited to carry it in my duty bag. My only regret is that I wish I had spent the extra 20 bucks to get the XL version. Oh well the 3.0 will work just fine.