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Gravity XL is the largest version of Gravity Hook. It has a 5 inch jaw capacity and weighs approximately 3 pounds. When stored, its footprint fits within a 1/2 sheet of paper. Because of the compressed dimensions, the jaws are kept open with a double leaf spring. Comes with a spring loaded wedge pin. The design includes keyhole storage for the pin when not in use. Arrives assembled. This item is not certified or tested to bare human weight. Stay Safe. 


  • "Bites" objects that might slip out of a grapnel
  • Installing the Cross Hook converts it to a pronged grappling hook
  • Custom locking pin
  • Trip-line balanced
  • Rolling Fall
  • Grip sized
  • 2" Cross throat fits standard 2x4 lumber
  • Compacts to the footprint of a half-sheet of paper
  • Water Resistant Stainless steel
  • 1.5" Cross throat 
  • Water Resistant Stainless steel 



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  • 5
    Really good

    Posted by Josh on May 19th 2023

    Brilliant piece of equipment

  • 5
    Awesome product

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 25th 2019

    I bought the Gravity XL and the smaller SS version. These hooks make for an excellent EDC or bug out bag tool. I really like the stainless steel; ocean environments are brutal on anything not made of SS,....... etc. Just waiting on the Flick Shot.

  • 5
    Go big or go home!

    Posted by Terje on Aug 24th 2018

    The beast of gravity hooks is no joke,it is a beast! So large and still light enough to carry on trips and jobs.This piece will lift your dead drunk buddy aswell as your tools and whatever you may fit in the jaws.I own the titanium 2.0 and this beast dwarfs it. You know you need it,so but it! Thank you again Awesome,incredible products. Sorry for any bad spelling,but we Norwegians need your hooks! Best regards: Terje